Thursday 10 July 2014

Throttle failsafe working on MPNG + AIOP using standard 9x receiver

If you are using MegapirateNG and a Crius AIOP board with the Turnigy 9x, the standard 9x receiver doesn't enable the somewhat important throttle failsafe feature in Arducopter & Mission Planner.

However, I have the Throttle failsafe working on my 'Locust Quadcopter' AIOP board, using the standard 9x receiver (9x8cV2). 
It appears to have allowed me not to purchase the Frsky modules (£50/pair?) just to enable throttle failsafe.

If you would like to try it, I have used this PPM encoder V1 board which cost me just over £4 on ebay.

It was quite simple:

I set up MegapirateNG on the Arduino software to enable the default PPM (Changing it from my previous PWM signal), and uploaded it.

I then plugged the ppm encoder board between the 9x receiver and AIOP, sending the 3 ppm wires (+5v, GND, PPM) to the AIOP board (+5v, GND, A8).

I powered the 9x receiver from the AIOP board also (powering using the PPM encoder board didn't work for me). I didn't use the MUX wire on the PPM encoder either. It's not necessary.

Then, it was just a case of connecting the ch pins from 9x receiver to PPM encoder as you see fit for your needs.

I didn't have to modify the PPM encoder at all. It worked as it came, out of the bag.

If anyone wants assistance I'm happy to offer advice. 

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