Monday 14 July 2014

Google Cardboard 3D FPV flying

If you want a cheap 3D FPV experience, you might consider using a google cardboard kit. Combining this kit with your smartphone, and a skyped fpv video to the phone, you would get a 3D flying experience on the cheap. In SBS 3D, of course. There will be lag issues no doubt, but it would be cool for a spectator/co-pilot, or improving disability access to RC flying.

Try crossing your eyes a little on the below image

I think that the DJI Phantom might have a heads-up on Arducopter as it's video feed is sent via 2.4ghz (wifi frequency).
It seems plausible that a specific video-over-wifi app can be made for Google Cardboard & Phantom 2.4ghz video and avoid the lag issues that would exist when using a 5.8ghz vtx & skype workaround to send video from a 'capture device & laptop' to a smartphone.
My second guess, is that DJI are already in prototyping for such a system that includes a 3d Blackbird fpv camera:
transmitting video over wifi (2.4ghz signal) to a smartphone app and using the Carboard SDK/Project Tango SDK. It's smoothly compatible when you think about it, compared to attempting to hack most people's 5.8ghz vtx modules.
How could 3DR respond?
I mean, are there any Turnigy 9x radio modules that allow you to use 5.8ghz, instead of 2.4ghz?
I am aware that there are 2.4ghz VTX & VRX modules available like this one so it seems that the issue is converting your Turnigy 9x to use 5.8ghz..Or UHF frequency like OpenLRS or EzUHF system.
At the moment, In my eyes, this is the future for immersive flight on a consumer level. For most people who have already taken up the hobby of quadcopter building, it's going to be an outlay yet again for you guys to change both your flight controller & fpv transmitters. 
The other option would be to use a dedicated goggle like the occulus rift connected to a 5.8ghz receiver, but who wants to outlay the money for a dedicated goggle when it's possible to adapt a smartphone that most people already own? It's a cost outlay dilemma it seems.
Option 1: Use a dedicated SBS 3D/Occulus Rift goggle: $350 (probably more when it's ready for release) & 3D fpv blackbird camera: $135 
Option 2: Convert your 9x to 5.8ghz (not aware this is possible) or use OpenLRS ($50)/EzUHF ($200) (, change your fpv system to 2.4ghz (Price variable) and use your smartphone & 3D FPV app.
Something to start to think about, converting to UHF radio & 2.4ghz video.


  1. Yes, You can do it! You need 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 -

    1. Yes! Can you include minimosd data overlay too?