Monday 14 July 2014

Super-turbo-Awesome ground control system

If you take a hummingbird board, (, with a RC305 video receiver, a 7" touchscreen monitor....Load DroidPlanner onto it...Mount it to your Taranis...And you have both recordable FPV & touchscreen GroundControlSystem. And A/B switch to change between the 2 screens. Nice idea huh? Shall I build it? :)


  1. would love to see you build this. Interested to know what video reciever you have plugged via otg to your tablet. A group of us over at the hackerspace in st louis are going the way of the quadcopter, lol, and this would be awesome for what we are trying to do.

  2. Hello, The idea was to use a cheap touchscreen 7" monitor which has 2 composite inputs, input one is the video receiver, input two being the hummingboard/pi2 with android/droidplanner. I didn't go ahead due to costs, and also technology is moving onto better things now.