Saturday 14 December 2013

OSD thoughts...

So, thinking about my plans for the lightweight 3.7v OSD...

I have been looking at the lowest possible cost with relation to simplicity & acheiving my goal of displaying altitude & time counter. Anyway, I came across the minimosd

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It is already integrated with Arduino Atmega328p & MAX7456 (another chip that will overlay data like the LM1881 chip) and it can be bought for £10 here

To use this board with the V929, one must increase the voltage from the 1s 3.7v lipo to 5v. To do this we could use a £1 5v booster like this: 
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Then, we could solder the BMP180 to the minimOSD and make an osd like this:
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Cost should be around £13 (minimosd = £10, booster = £1, BMP180 =£2)
Weight should be around 8g

It is an option...

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