Tuesday 29 October 2013


I am mostly atempting to use 3.3v as follows:
-My micro quad is 3.7v using 1s lipo batteries.
-BMP180 is 3.3v
-I have an Arduino pro mini 8mhz 3.3v
-I really like the small size of micro quads, I feel they are not threatening to people around me (it's sub 100g)

The more time I spend thinking about problems, I find different ideas for possible solutions:

-Use a small 2s 7.4v lipo 
-Use a 3.3v regulator to supply the flight controller
-This will probably be too much weight to fly (including fpv camera & tx)

-Use a 5v booster for an Arduino pro mini 16mhz 5v or SimpleOSD
-Increase in weight
-How much reduction in fpv time? (3.7v battery supplies: camera, vtx - video time as is = 1hour)
-Can the BMP180 be used with the SimpleOSD?

In my head, the perfect solution will be:
- 3.7v BenbojanglesOSD that includes BMP180 & Video Sync on board
-the 8mhz or the Arduino 3.3v is not a problem for the BMP180, it works fast enough
-It will be lightest possble weight
- I contacted texas instruments to ask them if they make a video sync separator chip that is 3.3v.
- Still waiting for reply.
- There is also a company called Intersil that make vss chips. here is a list (I am still trying to figure out the different chips, and what they do) Link here

I would be very interested in the video sync without LM1881 chip. I looked on the internet for ideas and tutorials, but could not find anything that offered an accurate tutorial. The main places I found included: here and here (but the link is down)

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