Sunday 15 December 2013

benbojanglesosd update

So, here is my progress in my benbojanglesosd experiment.

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I'm finding it quite demanding, but I'm making advances. For someone who has never made an electronic circuit before, I'm not doing too badly 

Anyway, I have learned now, that there are stages/sections to this circuit.
-The Arduino: prints screen text
-LM1881 part: syncs/strips vsync data (somehow. I'm not fully understanding of it yet)
-Camera: displays screen video

I am not sure yet if the LM1881 is supposed to V-sync arduino data, camera picture, or both????? 
I learned, that if I just connect the arduino signal + camera video using a composite splitter adapter into the monitor, the picture is very very flickery.

So I guess that the LM1881 removes either one or both signal's vsync to allow both to merge. But I still don't get this part, or how to link the LM1881 correctly. 

It honestly feels like learning a foreign language sometimes, or how I imagine people with dyslexia feel when trying to understand data. I think, as I usually do, that the project isn't fully understood by my brain properly yet - because it's not been laid-out in a way that my brain can understand it yet. Ugh!

Anyway, here's the video of it so far:

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