Tuesday 22 October 2013

BenbojanglesOSD v0.2 Update


I am making progress with this project 

I have programmed the Atmel 328 to output serial data. This data includes altitude, and timer/counter from the moment I press the reset button.

I have connected this to my tablet using a bluetooth module like this one and I can display both the altitude data and timer. I am happy with the data.

I am waiting for the delivery of the LM1881 chip so that I can work on video overlay, hopefully this will arrive within the next few days.

Once I am happy with the video overlay, I can then work on cleaning it up ready to prototype. I am also waiting for an arduino pro 3.3v 8mhz board so I can work on suitable & efficient 3.3v regulation. 

Here is a picture of my setup so far (the bluetooth output circuit)

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The serial output can print data out at different rates, I am testing my preference between 8xsec, and 64xsec. It is very much fast enough!

I have also experimented with data smoothing algorithms, however I am not satisfied with my experiements, and find raw altitude data more effective. Right now, I am using no decimal places in the altitude data (eg 245.42m), as I think the accuracy is better with just metres. I feel the sensor, like most barometric sensors, jumps about with a deviation of +/- 0.7m. 

So, in summary, the future is:
-LM1881 sensor overlay
-3.3v regulation
-More experiments with smoothing data

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