Tuesday 2 June 2015

Things to look for

At the moment most peeps are using the Pi with the Pi camera for lower latency video. It is quite straightforward to setup and send over wifi to a device. However, most people really want to use their Gopro cameras via HDMI out.

Also the simple task of plugging in a 4G dongle to a Pi is not so simple. The Dongle needs more power than the Pi can deliver, so one has to start including messy powered usb hubs to the mix. Or using a LAN cable from the 4G modem to the Pi.

The wikipad is going to be cannibalised into an DIY controller using the Arduino Pro Micro to make it as a HID controller. At the moment the is no drone control using Tower/Droidplanner so it is a case of using Tincore to overlay screen areas to allow the controller to press 'launch' 'Auto' 'Land etc etc...

To achieve my goal of a 4G drone:
1) Solve the HDMI to CSI-2 (mipi) adapter riddle.
2) Powered USB hub for the modem, or, LAN cable from modem to Pi? Hmmm....
3) Finish the Wikipad - to - Arduino Pro Micro (HID device)
4) Take more break-time and walks. The brain is frying.

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